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Maine Coon kittens

Serving Alabama, Tennessee, Florida, Georgia, Oklahoma and surrounding regions

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About The Maine Coon

Maine Coons are the largest domesticated cat, being known as the "gentle giants" of the cat world.  Their coats are medium to long in length.  It is two-layered with a silky short undercoat and a long shaggy overcoat.  Maine coons have beautiful ear tufts and tips, a ruff along the chest and a long, bushy tail.  They are intelligent and playful with a gentle personality.  They are slow to mature, often taking 3 to 5 years before fully grown.  Males range in size from 16 to over 30 pounds and females range from 12-18 pounds.


They will follow you around to help with whatever it is you are doing and they will chirp at you while they are doing it, they consider themselves part of your family! 

Where there's calm, there's peace . . .

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